The Manna Ministry

of The Road Church in Allen Park, Michigan


The Manna Ministry is committed to linking human needs, both physical and spiritual, with the resources necessary to satisfy those needs and united people through the love of Christ. Our Team helps spread God’s love every week by spreading an abundance of goods to those in need.

The Manna Ministry is a dynamic partnership working regularly* with various churches, Senior Co-ops, and other helping agencies, primarily in the Downriver, Michigan Area.

Such as:

Mimi’s Missions

Downriver for Veterans

Bethel Baptist Church, Southgate MI

  Blessed Hope Church, Lincoln Park

 Downriver Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The Road Church Emergency Food Pantry

Downriver Christian Center Church, Lincoln Park

 (4) Senior Co-Op Apartment Complexes in

Wyandotte, Melvindale and Southgate

*and many others on a less frequent basis.


In 2017, we delivered in excess of 48,000 bakery items and several tons of food, water, medical, and hygiene supplies among our network and beyond, including throughout the State, and as far as Soroti, Uganda.

Why haven’t you heard of us? Because it’s not about us! From it’s inception, we knew that the Manna Ministry could not possibly effectively reach people alone. That’s why, in addition to operating an Emergency Food Pantry at The Road Church, we deliver large volumes of items between other groups.

Like the true MANNA that God provided to His hungry people during their Exodus, food is worthless if it is left to. – By partnering with other helping groups – the help gets where it’s needed. You see, sharing with your neighbor isn’t about getting the credit.

Currently, we are at full capacity as we deliver goods each week, which helps meet the needs of approximately 1,000 households. Currently, we use the Pastor’s personal vehicle to conduct the work of the Manna Ministry which, though it will remain available, won’t last, and can’t carry any more than we do right now. That means there are times when we have to turn away donations simply because we don’t have the ability to transport it.
If you are in immediate need from our emergency food pantry please call 313. 757- 5496